Cradle is an Irish NGO (non-governmental organisation) that looks after children and supports communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Moldova, Thailand and Ireland.

We were established in the early 1990s by a group of ordinary people living in Ireland in response to the atrocities of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina and later went on to incorporate Albania, Kosovo, Thailand and Moldova into its humanitarian efforts. Following the economic crisis of the last decade, the decision was made to additionally assist a number of families in Ireland.

Cradle’s main aim is setting up and developing children based support programmes. This includes the building of and giving support to existing schools, health-centres, orphanages and care programmes in order to ensure the welfare, education and development of the people caught up in situations that are out of their control.

We operate and manage exit strategies, training local personnel to take over the ongoing running of our projects after a specified period.

Cradle is primarily funded through donations, fundraising events and has been grant-aided by the Irish government in the past. Cradle prides itself on helping people to help themselves, in other words it encourages people to become self-sufficient.

Cradle was officially registered in Ireland in 1993 and its Charity Registration Number is: CHY 10807.

Fun facts

  • U2 and Pavarotti gave half the proceeds of their single Miss Sarajevo to Cradle. On its 20th anniversary in 2015 U2 released the album Duals, once again giving 50% of the proceeds to Cradle. 
  • Back in 1996, the world’s Supermodels sent Ireland into a tailspin, descending upon Dublin for a fashion extravaganza to raise funds for Cradles Aid efforts in Bosnia. Naomi Campbell, Helena Christenson, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss and friends all strutted their stuff for the children affected by the Balkan conflict. See RTE’s archive coverage.
  • Cradle share a truck and a driver with the Chernobyl Children’s Project. Here’s a look at one of their many trips to Belarus with our Cradle Volunteer Co-ordinator.
  • We even had the world’s largest “Ring-A-Rosie” with children in Waterford, breaking a Guinness World Record!